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Fries with that?

It’s a Mario man! #Mario

La Calaca Ladrones #1 

Hey everyone, the comic that Bob Edwards and I did, “La Calaca Ladrones” is now available on Comixology! Head over and pick it up! I’m sure you’d buy that for a dollar! (which is the price)

Capn’ Dodge and his space dog “Cosmo”

The phoenix…she rises (in bane voice) #marvel

Dragoon age! #dragonage #yukomicon

Turtles are a big draw..must be some big movie out or something. #tmnt

Da badman und suppaman! #dccomics

Roth the crow calleth notetheses… #eap

Turtles are back! #tmmt #yukomicon

We're Funded! Paypal Now Available! · Finding The AJ Goddard  

Big news everyone, we are FUNDED! 

It’s been an amazing month and I wanted to thank all of you for helping out with this project. This has been a passion project for myself for over a year and a half. Being able to finally bring it to life is going to be a real treat, and its all because of your support!

We also have a  PAYPAL link for anyone who missed the campaign! 

All the same rewards are still in effect. So grab your books, sketches, and t-shirts today! 

As we near the end of our Kickstarter, we want to thank everyone for there support with a special treat! The final interview is with our own, Doug Davidge! 

At the time he was the vice-president of the Yukon Transportation Museum and of the Yukon Underwater Diving Association.

Since the discovery of the Goddard wreckage, he’s been active in all research about the ship, and was even the first person to touch the boat after being lost for over 100 years!

 Listen to an interview he gave about the significance of the AJ Goddard and how it changed his life.

Image for last months Sketch Posse, enjoy and be horrified!

AJ Goddard Research Team Interviews - Part 04 - Larry Bonnett

Another interview from the AJ Goddard research team. This time we’re focusing on Larry Bonnett, photographer and diver. 

He currently runs a touring company, Yukon Diver, that has trips to the AJ Goddard wreckage that anyone who’s interested can take. 

 Listen to an interview he gave about the significance of the AJ Goddard.

Just received a new batch of #Mathemagicks second printing! Oh, you fancy uh?

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