Director/Producer at Blatant Studios in Vancouver, Canada

Email :
jesse (at) blatantstudios.com

Comics :

Hey all, did a Smash Bros sketch for a facebook group. Thinking about making this a print, any thoughts? 

800 followers on twitter! Lets see if instagram can catch up! #800followers

Hunter # 2! #canada

Hunter dude…go forth. #canada

Fries with that?

It’s a Mario man! #Mario

La Calaca Ladrones #1 

Hey everyone, the comic that Bob Edwards and I did, “La Calaca Ladrones” is now available on Comixology! Head over and pick it up! I’m sure you’d buy that for a dollar! (which is the price)

Capn’ Dodge and his space dog “Cosmo”

The phoenix…she rises (in bane voice) #marvel

Dragoon age! #dragonage #yukomicon

Turtles are a big draw..must be some big movie out or something. #tmnt

Da badman und suppaman! #dccomics

Roth the crow calleth notetheses… #eap

Turtles are back! #tmmt #yukomicon

We're Funded! Paypal Now Available! · Finding The AJ Goddard  

Big news everyone, we are FUNDED! 

It’s been an amazing month and I wanted to thank all of you for helping out with this project. This has been a passion project for myself for over a year and a half. Being able to finally bring it to life is going to be a real treat, and its all because of your support!

We also have a  PAYPAL link for anyone who missed the campaign! 

All the same rewards are still in effect. So grab your books, sketches, and t-shirts today! 

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