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Big New Reward to Announce : T-SHIRTS!

We’ve teamed up with The Hive Printing to create some limited edition t-shirts! Head on over to the kickstarter and check out how to get yours! 


Update 4: Music Found on the wreckage of the AJ Goddard reimagined by, "The Hinterlands"! · Finding The AJ Goddard - A Tale of Modern Day Discovery 

Finding the AJ Goddard - Kickstarter Launched

Proud to announce my new kickstarter where we’re trying to raise funds to complete a documentary about my Uncle, Doug Davidge, and his discovery of a sternwheeler that was lost for over 100 years! 

Have a look, donate what you can, and feel free to share with everyone/anyone who might be interested in this cause. Bringing more awareness to the history of Canda and the Yukon Gold Rush, as well as, the people that help preserve pieces of our past. More updates to come!


Jesse and the AJ Goddard Team!

Life drawing session - July 5 #cloudscape

Life drawing session - july 5

Mr.snow cometh… #gameofthrones

Hey look its #JPNSGRLS

Life drawing june 16 - 01 at #cloudscape

Life drawing 002 at #cloudscape good to get back into the swing of it!

Behold! #sailormoon

Team SMRT won trivia! We numba one!

Inspired by cat posters everywhere.

Maxx at #VanCAF

Spidey man at #Vancaf #spiderman

Deal of the day! $5 for the entire Drunk series! #vancaf

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